And now the book , an autobiography.
1981 , the hidden life of the band Parade Ground.
The cursed brothers of the scene. 42 years, more than 2000 concerts.
Pierre and Jean-Marc Pauly speak to you: overwhelming .
A dive into an era, a thousand encounters, never had a band witnessed so closely, so intimately, the process of creation and the rise of another band: Front 242.

A style like scalpel blows.
One doesn't ask a corpse what it is doing in its coffin.
End so on. You will never be able to forget them again.

A book published by VUZ Records,
writen by the band themselves + lyrics from all songs, hundreds of pictures, testimony,
liner notes from other bands, fans, photographs, journalists, promoters.

includes free CD with unreleased rehearsal tracks from the Rosary era


more info soon!